Apple iPad

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Keith has leant me his iPad which he got from the US last week – so I thought I would review it ahead of the UK launch next month.

It is a little smaller than a sheet of A4, feels quite robust and certainly looks sleek.  Grip-It-Strips have been applied to the back of this iPad and it really does need them as it is very slippery and nearly fell off my lap and when lying on the sofa would not stand up against my knees without them.


The iPad comes with Calendar, Contacts, Notes, iTunes (sound was very tinny so you would need ear phones) as standard which I guess can be synched with your iPod.  Mail I guess get synched by MS Exchange.

I could not login to the Aps Store unfortunately so could not test other Aps but I guess just replicates the Aps for an iPhone.

Safari browser is quick when you have wifi connection.  No USB or G3 connection so unless you can connect by wifi you are out of luck.

Reading the newspaper is great – not sure you can download as a pdf (I am sure you could if you have a subscription) and then read later if there is no wifi connection.

But not so convinced about reading a book for a long time – the Kindle electronic ink is much easier on the eye.

The screen keyboard is fab – I did not think I would like it but it is great even when typing a large document.

The map section is spectacular.

Conclusion: The iPad gives you a larger iPhone.  I like the iPhone and will be getting one on the anniversary of my current Blackberry Orange contract so I can’t speak with real authority but if I had an iPhone would I want an iPad? – probably not – I would prefer to back up my iPhone with a notebook or laptop.  But it is a sexy alluring piece of kit – thanks Keith.