Handwriting font

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Want to replicate your handwriting on your website then use MyScriptFont service for free at myscriptfont.com.  It allows you to download a PDF template. Print this out, fill in its letter grid in your own writing (a felt-tip pen is best),  scan in the completed sheet and upload it to the website, and My ScriptFont will generate a typeface from it.  This can be saved in formats for use with a PC, Mac computer.

The higher the resolution you scan your handwriting, the better-looking the finished product will be.  MyScriptFont recommends scanning at 150-300 dpi. 

Although you will be able to use the typeface on your own computer, be aware that any documents you create with it will revert to the normal system fonts when viewed on someone else’s machine. The exceptions are Microsoft Word and Powerpoint documents, which can be saved with your home-grown font "embedded".   Under the Tools or File menu, select Options and Save and then tick the "Embed fonts in the file" box to enable this.