Make your business look impressive

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There are basic steps you can take to give the company a professional appearance. Opt for a limited company or limited liability partnership (LLP) structure to lend authority to the business, or, if you are a sole trader, consider having a trading name.

Produce other material to cement the substance of the business. This may include a formal letterhead, brochure, customer agreement and business logo. An online presence is also essential.  Avoid using a mobile phone number as the number for customers to call, as this suggests the business does not extend beyond you. Having a business phone number with an answering service is an affordable way to add credibility to the business.

Choose a tailored email address (based on your website domain name) for the business rather than using an obviously personal account.

Business emails for companies and LLPs must, by law, contain certain statutory information, so include these in your email signature.   These details are the company name and number, place of registration and registered office, and should also be available on the company’s website. It is not good enough to provide this information in a link within emails.  Other indicators of substance will depend on the business you are in, but may include: getting a business address, being VAT registered, appointing another director, and getting coverage in the press.